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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Don't worry, it's not being rushed at all. I've still got 3-4 more towns/cities to work on it, and a fair amount of trainers that still need editing. Tajaros still has to make specific scripts I need as well. So it'll be awhile before it's released, but not too long. Everything's already planed out to the end of the hack and I've gotten A Lot done in the pass 3 days. But Yes, DR2 will have it's own thread once this one's fully completed and bug-free. I'll also have a good amount of pre-release pics posted a week before the release of the full hack as well.

    I'm working hard, ppl! Also, if anyone has any early ideas for DR2, I'd love to hear em. Like DR1, DR2 will have one special guest that's from another series of anime or video game culture. Some early picks would be welcomed from the community. The only request with this that I have is to make sure it's someone I can fit into the Pokemon world with a reasonable explaination. I can't have Sora from Kingdom Hearts in the hack or something like that. Choose names that are accustomed to controlling their own set of creatures in some way.
    What about Shigeki from Telefang? He could be a gym leader and use high-level Denjuu as his Pokemon.