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Originally Posted by WolfOfEve View Post
I suppose, but there are some animals that are smart enough to comprehend what they're saying and actually have conversations/solve math problems/etc.

Moreover, Pokemon are... Much smarter than your average animal. Am I wrong in saying that?
That seems to be the case. Unlike humans, who are animals that base their actions off of thought moreso than instinct, wild animals (I'll separate humans and the like from others by calling the former "domesticated" and the latter "wild") use instinct for 90%+ of they're daily habits, reserving intellect for things like tactics and resolving the unexpected. Pokemon, in most cases, are much like domesticated animals, in the fact that they rely almost entirely on intelligence (though still base their actions on instinct moreso than humans). This is mostly the case for battles, but it's clear that they also use it in the use of abilities and socialization. They make far more decisions than wild animals, showing far more emotion, affection, tact, and social ability than animals. In other words, Pokemon are smarter than wild animals because they have to be, despite the similarities between them, Pokemon are far more social and (inevitably) more tactical, they have more abilities and options at their disposal, and thus, decision making is key.
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