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    Adeline Densetsu
    Divine Water

    "Where's home, mommy? I'm sleepy…" the runt said groggily after another yawn escaped her. "This is home!" Addie proclaimed as loud and cheerfully as she could. She picked up the child and Zorua in her arms and at once bound to her room. Closing the door behind her, Addie set down the monster on her bed. She backed up from it and stared down the kid. "Where will you sleep? Definitely not on this bed…" Addie looked around the room and opened the door to her closet. She pulled out a pile of clothes, tossed them in a heap on the floor and then placed the child there.

    "Here's your bed. Sleep… or something," Addie said, cringing. She walked over to her desk, sat down and rummaged through some papers until she found a blank one. Addie reached over for a fountain pen that she left inside a bottle of permanent ink and then began writing in a hasty scrawl.

    Rosary Pea
    Castor Bean

    Collect tomorrow (Saturday) by 2:00

    Masashi Densetsu
    Sacred Fire

    Masashi listened to Adeline as she pointed out that she didn't care about whether Hikari would be a better parent for the sweet little girl or not. That in itself proved that Adeline didn't really care about the kid's wellbeing at all, and deep down he feared that she was going to do something horrible. As Hikari walked over angrily to Adeline, Masashi shut his eyes as if trying to save himself the aggravation of seeing two of his siblings squabble. Granted, he didn't much care about Adeline, but he was very concerned for Hikari, and in this case, for Pit as well. The things Adeline said were just uncalled for and inappropriate. Masashi opened his eyes again and saw that Addie had already taken off on her bird and Hikari was apologizing to Icarus. "As for Masashi… thanks… How about we go back to the palace?" she said. "You're welcome, Hikari. Don't let her get to you too much. She'll pay for her rudeness one day, I'm sure of it. As for the palace, I think that'd be a good idea." Hikari spoke to Pit again before he excused himself and walked away. What a nice young man. He didn't deserve what happened just now at all.
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