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thunder: update #1 ★


Per the usual, I start off at New Bark Town. Heading towards Professor Elm's laboratory, and obtaining my starter Pokemon. As my character is female, I must have a female starter, right? After 50 or so tries, I was able to obtain a female Cyndaquil. Naming it after our Challenges moderator Sydian. :3

Professor Elm wanted me to run an errand, as he wants me to go see Mr. Pokemon. So while I was travelling from route to route, I was also getting a head-start on training Sydian in preparation for the first gym battle. It was already night-time and there's only Hoothoots prowling around, so my plans to capture Pokemon would have to wait till the daytime.

As I reached Mr. Pokemon's house, I was given a mysterious egg, and Professor Oak gave me the PokeDex. I exited, recieved a call from Elm that one of his Pokemon was stolen, and decided to head back.



So, I battle this guy. Spammed him with Smokescreen, and it was a piece of cake battle! He ran away, while I traveled back to Elm's lab. Named the rival Rudy after my friend from English class. Gave the egg to Elm, and finally left for the adventure!

Then Ethan shows me how to catch a Pokemon, which...still, I have no intention of doing so in this update, I decided to just keep grinding Sydian. And that includes the trainer battles, even battled Joey and his top-percentage Rattata. xD

After battling the trainers in Route 30-31, Sydian is now L9.

Current Team:

Cyndaquil [Sydian] - L9
- Tackle
- Smokescreen
- Leer


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