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"Don't pray in my school and I won't think in your Church" XD

Nah, being serious, I think there shouldn't be any laws forcing anybody to pray to any god in any public places. A very different think is banning that. I can obviously understand that it would be very bizarre for a kid to just stand up in the middle of a Maths class and start praying and that teachers would talk them into not doing it, but if a kid feels like praying during recess? Why the hell not?

But your second post is a little bit... uhh, how to say it... Do you have that Supreme Court ruling? So we can all read it and see if it really bans praying. And your views of everything being done in school being "an attack to religion and believers" ("approve of sexual perversion and call it 'an alternate life style'"- or even something as innocent as an "Earth Day"), then you should consider going to a Christian School, where teachers will be careful not to do anything "diabolical". Public schools should be fit for everyone, not just for people who believe in X religion. Public schools should present all the currently accepted views on everything, and abortion is legal so it should be explained, not hid from the kids so it won't offend the religious ones who find that act revolting. In fact, you can't decide whether abortion is right or not unless you are presented the scientific facts and some moral considerations from all sides! Hiding it or just presenting the one view is not teaching, it's closer to brainwashing.

And about the Freedom FROM and the freedom OF religion thing- freedom of religion means that a) the State won't endorse any religion, b) nobody will be persecuted for believing any religion and c) nobody will be forced to believe in any religion. So obviously the state won't force anybody to pray since nobody is required to believe in the same god- or in any, to begin with. What would a Muslim in your class think if you all -including him too- were forced to pray to the Christian God he doesn't believe in? What would an atheist say? Freedom OF and FROM religion is the same thing. You are free to have ANY religion (of) or to NOT have any (from) nor be forced to.

Also @ShinyUmbreon: please try to format the thread into paragraphs, it's much harder to read a long post like that if you press enter every three words. I'm sorry if I'm sounding rude or anything but I'm just saying it so we all can read your post more easily. Thanks.
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