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Coming back after a week onto Platinum, in the middle of Victory Road. I can't even explain how frustrated I became in a matter of seconds, attempting to navigate my way. Like going up a few rocky steps and then noticing a dead end >.

I also loathe Ice Puzzles. Candace's gym really had me. I spent a few hours sliding around, trying to smash those huge snowballs in the middle. Then my sister did it and then the problem was ended :D.

Ice Cave was a slippery, huge, confusing mess. Sliding here and there, all around. The waterfall HM I heard had been in the Ice Cave. So for the next hour I searched the whole entire cave, head to bottom. Then realising it was at the end of a slippery path, I headed back to retrieve it raging.

The only other moment has been trying to get to the Spear Pillar. I forgot to bring a Pokemon with Defog and got confused in the fog. Being a silly person back then, I didn't even have Repels. I made it out alive, but it was really close...
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