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I think a great moment for me was getting to the League in Platinum in the space of about 5 hours in total. I didn't have the most balanced team of course, but I was impressed with myself.

The bad would be when I got to the League in HeartGold but was very underlevelled, and I really wanted to have a balanced team through Kanto, so I wanted to have it balanced by the League. It's not the WORST situation in the world, but it's so very time consuming, when there's literally nobody to train against.

And the ugly... would be in my very first Pearl file, when I reached Cynthia. Jeez, she was a very high levelled Champion- I managed to get her down to her Roserade, when I myself had like.. my Torterra left. I used a Revive on my Staraptor, and figured I'd risk attacking without healing it further. For some stupid reason, Roserade out-sped my Staraptor, and got a critical hit with Energy Ball, which shouldn't have been very effective anyway. This was at a stage before I saved in the league, since I thought losing was the worst possible outcome. Now I figure if you lose that far into the League, at least you get and experience boost :/

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