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Oh wow, I've really been inactive in this club as of late. Just bumping in, you see ;)

Name your favourite Fire-Types of each Generation.

I seriously didn't expect to go into such depth when I started, but I hope you have fun reading this lol :p Favourites are the ones at the bottom of each region.


This is one of the harder ones. There weren't actually that many Fire Pokemon in the first generation that really caught my eye that much, but I can mention my thoughts on the most notable ones.

The Charmander Line: I'm not such a huge fan of the Charmander line as many people, as I just think it's generally overrated, and actually a lot of the love comes from the so called "genwunners" who shun off the idea of any of the newer Pokemon, believing the earlier generations are the best, and as Charizard was hugely popular back in the day, obviously it'd be one of the favourites among them.

The Vulpix line: Though also loved by an insane amount of people, I never really saw the appeal in. I mean, sure, Vulpix and Ninetails are some really cute Pokemon and they're pretty decent in battle, but I just never felt like using it. I guess that's just the perception of my once younger and more naive mind assuming Vulpix was weak due to its appearance, so I never chose to train one. So perhaps my mind would change if I actually tried to use one in-game, though who knows. It appears to have become less popular with the newer generations, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal anyways xp

Flareon: Flareon was a Pokemon I used to like a lot in my younger days, mainly because I thought it was a really cute Pokemon, and because I was so obsessed with Fire types for whatever reason, I always expected them to be strong, so whenever the choice came for an Eeveelution; instantly Flareon. Nowadays I know how weak of a Pokemon it actually is, and see why so few people refuse to train one, however I still think it's one of the cuter Pokemon of the first generation.

Moltres: I don't remember if it was in this club I mentioned it or if it was somewhere else, but I don't actually like Moltres that much. Excuse me if I may be repeating myself from one of my earlier posts, but my experiences in my Blue version all those years ago showed me that Moltres was an absolutely terrible thought out Pokemon back then, despite being Legendary. The point in which you could encounter it was in the Victory Road, just before the E4 with little time to train it if you planned on using it for the league, and with a horrible moveset to accompany it. Its only Fire type move was Fire Spin, which though it may continue over multiple turns, was really, really bad against the members of the E4. There was not really any idea in using it for the E4 unless you went back to train it, and had a few decent TMs for it to use. Otherwise, I stuck with Zapdos and Articuno for anything in the story, and as there was pretty much no post-game, that was pretty much anything there even was to the game :(

Now for my actual favourite of the bunch: Arcanine!
I may not have used it back in my Blue version, as I didn't know about the difference between the two games and thought it was all just title and the faint background colours in the games, so I didn't ever learn where to catch it. Either way, that didn't mean I didn't know about it, and boy did I want it. I mean I was obsessed with tigers and other of the more superior cat-like animals, so obviously I'd want a Growlithe, however I didn't know how to get it, so I was left frowning on that >:( Many years later, however, a friend and I both got the remakes. I got Leafgreen and he got Firered, so we had each version in case of any differences, noting that I still didn't know about the differences in the old games. Either way, we played through the games, went along and beat the E4, and were stuck wondering how in the world we could make our way into the Cerulean Cave. So while trying to figure that out, my friend found a little long lost friend of mine, namely Growlithe. I may not have been all as much excited as I would've been the years before that with my experiences in Blue, but boy was I happy that I could finally get my hands on that Growlithe. And though this is not all of the story, I'll refrain from going more into depth on this, since there's already pretty much to this post, and I still have 4 generations to go xD But yeah, long story short: He traded me one, I trained it, evolved it with a Fire Stone at some point when I found out I could, fell in love, been using it in a lot of my playthroughs ever since.


To be honest, the amount of Fire type Pokemon in the Johto region were actually a bit disappointing, and most of them I haven't really used. There are still a few I like though, so there won't be nothing to add to this xp

The Magby Line: Magby, though I've never really paid much attention to this Pokemon, I've come to realise from my latest gaming experiences, that the Magby line is actually pretty good. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply much to Magby, as it's simply the cutsey Pokemon of the line. It isn't as much there for the battles as just to be adorable, though I think that pretty much comes with the concept of baby Pokemon, and that pretty much blew up in the second generation. Either way, my focus is actually more on the Magmar part of the line, and though it does fall under the first generation, I didn't really notice it untill the second generation. And as I said, I never actually tried using Magmar for real before recently, so how strong it was actually came as much as a surprise, but again, I think this may be the same thing as with Vulpix, where I get an opinion of a Pokemon without ever really knowing anything about it or even trying it out. Much to my loss though, as I really enjoy using Magby nowadays.

Ho-oh: I've always really liked Ho-oh, loved battling with it, and thought it had a great design, though despite that, I haven't actually used it that much. I know from experience that it's a great Pokemon, but alas, Gold was my brothers game, Silver was mine, and as I for some reason saw the two games having some kind of rivalry, mixed with me and my brothers often battling each other, I didn't really feel like using Ho-oh as much at the time, which has resulted in me not really having any knowledge on it. Either way, it's definitely one of the more notable Fire type Pokemon from the second generation, and I definitely do like it.

Entei: My opinion on Entei doesn't actually come from the games, as I've never even encountered one myself, and only time I've seen one in-game has either been in videos on Youtube, or when I was watching one of my friends catching it. Either way, all the reasons that I like Entei actually come from the third movie. While it was actually the villain throughout most of the movie, I've always thought it was a great character to the Pokemon world. All he did ever did was for Molly, kind of portraying the father that either Molly had, or the one she wished she had, I guess, and everything he did was for what he thought was good, and that's pretty much why I've had a hard time picturing him as the villain. That also changed in the last part of the movie where everyone gets safely out of the mansion because of him, and akjsfhhekrhkegkhrgkh
I just really loved Entei in the movie, alright?

The Cyndaquil Line: Ending Johto with what I always tend to start it off with, the Cyndaquil line. Never had I expected it to become such a ferocious beast in battle when I looked at Cyndaquil for the first time. It was the first starter I ever chose from my Silver, and I don't have any regrets. It's always followed me through the game anytime I've picked it, and while I've used Totodile a fair share of times, I've not used it nearly as many times as I've used Cyndaquil. I don't actually know why I've always liked it so much, whether it's just because it was such an amazing Pokemon throughout my first playthrough of Silver, or if it's jsut bias due to it being the first one I ever used.


Oh Hoenn, probably the worst region for Fire Pokemon to live in, considering half of it is FREAKING WATER! One of the things that was quite the turn-off for that region, though I guess everything need to have a chance. In my opinion the region was quite lacking of Fire types, though the ones that were there were actually pretty strong.

Torkoal: Torkoal wasn’t a Pokemon I ever really used, but from what I’ve seen of it, and what I’ve experienced in battle against it, it’s pretty strong. In the battle against Flannery, it’s one of the most annoying Pokemon I’ve ever though, really getting close to annoy me at the level of Whitney’s Miltank, though I guess that was because I didn’t have any Water type Pokemon to really help me in the battle. Either way, it took me quite a few tries to get it the last time I played, though I rushed a lot through the game, and was greatly underleveled when I finally reached the league, plus, as I said, I didn’t have any Water types to help me in the battle against her, and I depended mostly on Kyogre to help me with the E4 xD I don’t have much else to say about it, though I remember Ash used one in the anime, and that it was one of his stronger Pokemon at the time.

The Numel Line: I don’t really have any experiences with Numel and Camerupt. They were both Pokemon I didn’t really have any interest in training, and to this day I still don’t, although their dual-typings is a pretty convenient one. The only time I recall ever using one was in a battle pass I got from playing with someone online in Battle Revolution, and it wasn’t too shabby, but still, I don’t really have any interest in ever training one unless it ends up being the strongest Fire type I can get around to in the games.

The Torchic Line: The Torchic line, looking at all of the Pokemon, was not one I ever really cared about. Torchic’s little cutsey appearance couldn’t really compare to Treecko and Mudkip, so most of the time my choice fell on either of those two. Once I decided to try it out, (because my friends had told me how great it actually was), I was quite surprised by how strong Blaziken actually was, but my god it’s ugly. This is partly one of the reasons why I still never use it when it comes to choosing Pokemon from that specific region, and even though it’s strong, the other two do still come close. Once, about a year ago, (pardon me if I already mentioned this in here :p), I was working on a ROM hack together with some people, where the starter Pokemon to choose from were solely Fire type starters from the first three generations, as to increase the challenge provided by the theme of the game being Rock type Pokemon. As your first rival battle was quite early on, where the rival’s Pokemon were solely Rock type Pokemon, it was quite hard unless you had a Pokemon with a typing advantage. Now of course we had put a Fighting type Pokemon that you’d be able to catch along the way before the battle, so that it wouldn’t be impossible for you to beat the rival, however for some reason I’d rather want to train a Torchic up and evolve it before the battle, and take to note that this battle was quite a bit before the first gym. I guess it was mainly because the line was the strongest of the three to choose from, and because out of the Fire types, I really do like Torchic, I just preferred the other starters of the third generation better when playing the third generation games :p


If you’re looking for pre-league Fire type Pokemon, don’t come to Sinnoh. I mean seriously, this was one of the worst thing about D/P. Never had I imagined the first time I played the games that I’d have to choose Chimchar to even get a decent Fire type Pokemon to accompany me in the region. As far as I know though, they did fix this issue in Platinum, and there were still some decent Fire types in the National Dex :D

Heatran: Heatran was one of the Pokemon I never really got to use from this region. I did get to Stark Mountain, and I did get to battle it, while playing it with one of my friends, however it was too darn hard to catch >:( At the end we just decided to give up on it, and that was also at the time when I kinda got out of Pokemon, so we never really continued from there, and some time later he ended up selling the game anyways. Once again, I did actually try it out in Battle Revolution, and it was actually pretty good. In my experience it fainted pretty quickly, but that was mainly due to there being difference between the levels, as well as all the Water types coming out against it, so it was actually a pretty decent Pokemon. I was pretty disappointed with its anime appearance actually, seeing as it was more of a pet or a “guard dog” than a legendary Pokemon, so not really much to say to that. Its design is, in my opinion, really ugly. I’ll admit that it does look a bit cool, but as for its design in general, it’s just pretty horrid.

Heat Rotom: *sigh* At the second Pokemon of this generation, and already running out :( Well, I guess this is the last one of this region, considering I already covered Magmortar under the Magby line. To this one, I don’t really have much to say about this Pokemon to be honest, considering I never even caught Rotom. I’ve never battled against it in anything, where the only form of Rotom I’ve ever been against was its normal form, but that was also pretty annoying. So I guess all I can’t really comment on is design. The whole concept of Rotom being different household machines was actually pretty great, strange, but really original, and not something I’d say I’d ever be able to come up with. The Fire type Rotom form was pretty much expected considering what they’re all based on, but it’s still really creative nonetheless.

The Chimchar Line: Well here it is, my favourite of the entire generation, the Chimchar line was one of the brightest things of the region for me. Apart from instantly choosing Chimchar because I didn’t really like the designs of neither Turtwig or Piplup, it’s also the strongest of the three by far. Though it was the second Fire type starter line in a row to have Fire/Fighting dual typing, it’s still a really convenient typing, leading to a great movepool and advantage over a few more types that it usually doesn’t, helping a lot more against Rock types. I also developed quite a bond with it over all the times it’s helped me through the region, and Infernape is just the perfect Fire type Pokemon for me. As for its design, definitely one of the better ones of the Sinnoh region. Sinnoh really improved the design quality from the third generation, however there are still some I don’t really cope with. Anyways, the Chimchar line is definitely one of my favourites from that region.


Yeah, I don’t know how much I can add to this. To be honest, I have played a bit of B/W at one point, not enough to know that much about it, so most of the region and its Pokemon still remain a mystery to me. So yeah, my comments will be pretty short, and I’ll only be covering a few of the Pokemon.

The Tepig Line: This joyous little pig was actually quite disappointing to me. A Pokemon based on a pig isn’t exactly anything original, considering we already had Spoink and Grumpig, and then comes the typing when it evolves asdfsdfhsdkjhf. Why would they use a Fire/Fighting dual type starter for the third time in a row?! I mean, yes, I did say that it was a convenient typing and that it was pretty good, but comeon, where’s the originality? This line was a definite no-no for me, and even if it’s the better of the three, I’m pretty sure it won’t be my first choice.

Victini: The power of this Pokemon came as such a big surprise to me. Just due to how small it was relative to all the other legendaries of the Unova region, I’d never even considered using this Pokemon while playing on Pokemon Online at one point, and oh my god it’s strong. It happened during a challenge cup match, where I ended up with a Victini, and not expecting it to be very helpful used it off at the beginning, and it ended up beating most of the opponents team. I also remember that I really liked it in the Victini movie, however I don’t actually remember much from the movie, so good thing I’ll be streaming it at the Movie Nights next week ;)

The Darumaka Line: Darumaka, despite really like Victini, is actually my favourite. I guess this comes off of actually using this one on my team when I played the game, and its physical Fire type moves where so surprisingly strong, it became my main Pokemon to use for quite a while. I never got to evolve it to Darmanitan, but it was strong as a Darumaka either way, and I really liked it. I don’t really have anything to say about it really, other than it was a really awesome Pokemon to use :D

Aaand, I guess that ends off this topic. As I said, I honestly didn’t intend to make it this long, it just happened :(

Ho-Oh and Reshiram are the strongest Fire-Types excluding the Fire Arceus. Who would be better, and what are your thoughts of them?

I honestly have no idea who would be better, as I've never played B/W, so I don't really know anything about Reshiram, neither in battle or in general, which makes comparing a bit harder. Ho-oh has definitely been a great Pokemon for me to use with the few times I've used it, but I've always preferred Lugia over it, so it's had quite a bit less time on my team than Lugia. Both of them have pretty great designs in my opinion, however between the two, I like Ho-oh's design better. It's quite a bit more colourful, where Reshiram's is just plain white, and I tend to like it more when colours vary. So out of the two, I prefer Ho-oh lots of times more, though that's mostly because I've never used Reshiram anytime ever.


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