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Originally Posted by mjolnirIV View Post
Here are a few of my recent fusions.

Venoduck (Venonat + Psyduck)

Hercrozor (Heracross + Crobat + Scizor)

Amphitoed (Ampharos + Politoed)

Keltina (Keldeo + Giratina)
Wow, these are done really well. :o I actually saw your Keltina sprite in the Fusion Challenge thread before I saw it here, and was impressed then too. :D The Venoduck is really adorable too, and I really, really like Amphitoad too. :D I'm really impressed. *_*

Originally Posted by Retribution View Post
Here's a revamp I've been working on for a while. It seems like ages since I did a revamp. There are actually some parts that I'm still not that happy with, but I think it's at least up-loadable at the moment, haha.

Anyway, it's a revamp of Bulbasaur's sprite from Red/Blue.


EDIT: I did Charmander too. XD I'm much more proud of this one though. :D


Last but not least, I finally got around to doing Squirtle. I probably dreaded this one the most, as the R/B sprites of Charmander and Bulbasaur are fairly easy to change and look quite similar to the current sprites in terms of details. For Squirtle... I think I modified everything at least a little. XD Anyway, here it is.
(Yes, it is really, really small. XD)

EDIT: Nevermind, decided to do Pikachu too since it is another starter I guess. XP I didn't do the Yellow sprite since, well I am doing Red/Blue revamps and I've already done a revamp of the Pokemon Yellow sprite before anyway.
Just thought I'd 'bump' my sprites and add a new one. XD I probably should just make a thread now and stick some of my recent scratch sprites in there too, but I'm usually not motivated enough to maintain it.

Anyway, here's a Charmeleon revamp from Red/Blue. :D >

A revamp of Charizard. >
Comments from another website (because I'm lazy like that xD): "Well, that was harder than I expected. xD Although, when I looked at it and recent Charizard sprites, you can really see the difference. I think I changed basically everything. xD I'm still not happy with the face though, although I don't think it's >that< bad.

Anyway, give credit if used, and the original was made by Game Freak of course. "