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Guys just a note, the rules state "5. Any member here is more than welcome to start a topic. However, don’t start a new topic if the current one hasn’t died down for more than 1 day." so bare that in mind in future as the current topic was certainly not dead and shouldn't have been replaced yet, so it's up to Megan which topic she'd prefer to stay for now. :)

Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
As for Parasect, I love that pokemon! I LOVE spamming spore, and while not the best grass type (at least not in third gen which is where I used it) it's still an awesome pokemon with the grass typing so there!
Woo, finally another Parasect fan! :D I love that over-grown mushroom, it's so much fun to use in-game and it's moves are really interesting for competitive battle :D Shame it dies incredibly easily to anything that's super effective against it because Parasect could be a proper tank if used against the right enemies :3 It's an adorable Pokémon and in my opinion it's very underrated, but I suppose based on it's stats not too many people would be open to trying it out xD Understandable tbh! But who wouldn't want a giant mushroom on their team? B)