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    For those of you calling me ignorant? Actually I don't really believe in Religion. Yes, I believe there could be a God but I don't follow religion what so ever. Second thing, I'm not the one who clicked enter that's how the article was, and third, yes it is against federal violations to pray at school or anything. It's just that teachers aren't govt. agents so they can't say what you can and can't do. But if the federal govt. took control or schools then you would get in trouble.

    I also never said anybody's forced to follow Christianity. Show me exactly where it says that cuz it's NOT! If somebody is Christian then they should be able to do Christian things. You guy's don't understand that where I live that 85% of the people live here are hardcore liberals and a bunch of idiots that let it pass. The state of Illinois. The rest of the states it's still a violation it's just the govt. can't control what you do and don't do inside of school other than murderer's and stuff. Also if anybody get's offended, so what? Everybody does practices other people are offended of.
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