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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Interesting, what makes you think that? Stunfisk's a pretty bulky Pokémon as especially with it's Ground typing I can't see it fainting too quickly at all :3 What can you imagine happening to make it faint so early? xD I guess if it was up against something like a Lanturn then it probably wouldn't pull through, but I'm sure it can hold it's own against most things haha.

    Also I can't find a great PotW picture for Luxray, it's art is all too big D: Anyone have any suggestions for pictures to use? n.n

    Lanturn was exactly what I was thinking about A water attack and it's over with it. Stunfisk's Attack and Spe.Attack are pretty low, it couldn't defend itself as it should against an electric type that can face the ground type. Besides Stunfisk kind of reminds me of Lanturn, in the sense that they've both awesome double-types, but aren't actually that strong. So despite their great double-types, they wouldn't last too long. First Stunfisk would get KOed by Lanturn, and then it would be Lanturn's turn against any other Electric-type.

    Meee I have pictures suggestions. What do you think of one of these ones?


    If there's a size problem, just tell me