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    I wrote the next part of the storyline:

    After you beat the pokegym you are able to move again. When you try to leave the city to route 503 someone’s running to you from behind. Justin: ‘’(PLAYER NAME) STOP!!!’’ PLAYER Get’s an exclamation mark (!) above his head. JUSTIN: ‘’Hi, I’m here to stop you. Prof. Oust wants to see you immediately’’. PLAYER: ‘’Why, who are you’’ JUSTIN: ‘’I’m Justin, the right hand of prof. Oust and he asked me to stop you for something very important. Try to get to prof. Oust as fast as you can’’ PLAYER: ‘’Okay, if you say so’’ JUSTIN: walks away and he is waiting in Cinza city. As you get here, he’ll say: ‘’Hurry up” and he’ll move again. Then you won’t see him anymore until you get in professor Oust’s lab. OUST: ‘’Good you came so quickly’’ PLAYER: ‘’Why did you want to see me?’’ OUST: ‘’It seems like team darkness brought your mom to the awakening machineand it seems that their cave is in Ingure City. It won’t take long before they manage to awake (legendary pokemon name) from his eternal sleep.’’ PLAYER: ‘’Oh no.’’ OUST: ‘’To speed up your progress I’ll have some things for you.’’ PLAYER obtained running boots. OUST: ‘’With this shoes you are able to run. Press and hold the B-button to run and release it to just walk again.’’ PLAYER: ‘’Thanks’’ OUST: “I have some other things too”. PLAYER obtained HM? Rock Smash. OUST: ‘’With this move your pokemon are able to break special rocks which can mainly be found in caves.’’ PLAYER obtained old rod. OUST: ‘’To speed up the pokedex progress, here is a fishing rod to catch underwater pokemon. Select use in the meny to throw out your rod and press the A-button to reel in the pokemon when bait.’’ PLAYER: ‘’Thank you professor.’’ OUST: ‘’I think you have an adventure to finish’’. Player is now able to move again.