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    Great tutorial, though I'm haveing one recurring problem.

    Everything works great, I get my item image, name and price working and in place, and the index number (I think I even got my new evolutionary stones working though I've not tested this yet due to being between 3 computers) however, when I change my description pointer it seems to work fine but the first ?????? and masterballs names get changed to parts of my new description.

    When I reload my game (in either version of item edtor) it brings up a 308 error and crashes meaning I can't add the rest of my item descriptions, I haven't had chance to test if the first ?????? and masterball work properly in-game yet due to a-mart not working on this computer.

    Any ideas on fixing this?

    EDIT: solved my probelm, it would seem Item Editor doesn't support repointing descriptions on ????? items as changing to item manager resolved the issue.

    How do make a item act like a pokeball?
    All pokeballs use the same battle usage number and the same battle usage pointer. Have you tried following the pointer and recreating a pokeball from the data held in there? (though i think i read somewhere that creating a pokeball would require ASM hacking knowledge)
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