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YOU ARE TOO SWEET, MEGAN. :) <3 Our starters should be best friends!

Player: Alli
Game: SoulSilver
Badges: 5
Gender: Female

Megan / Meganium (f) lv. 32 @ Miracle Seed
Petal Dance, Magical Leaf, Cut, PoisonPowder

Klare / Ninetales (f) lv. 32
Flamethrower, Headbutt, Confuse Ray, Will-O-Wisp

Anice / Jolteon (f) lv. 32
Thundershock, Shadow Ball, Double Kick, Headbutt

Berta / Miltank (f) lv. 31
Body Slam, Surf, Zen Headbutt, Rollout

Layla / Lapras (f) lv. 31
Surf, Ice Shard, Confuse Ray, Body Slam

Changed Kiara's name to Klare after evolving her. I felt it was more mature IDK. lol And then I caught a Lapras since I realized it was Friday, so I won't use Dewgong anymore like I originally planned. And lots and lots and lots of grinding if you couldn't tell! So yeah, PROGRESS! :D Lapras was caught in a Moon Ball that I don't feel like looking for a picture of btw.

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