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    Originally Posted by gatorzftw View Post
    I have a bit of a noob question. I was playing version 2.0 and the new one came out. I repatched and made myself a new version, and when I booted the game up its letting me continue from my old save point. Am I playing version 2.1? I.E. should it let me continue my save file?

    I just don't want to get too far into it and then notice bugs or anything that are fixed in 2.1

    oh and whats the new hack called? I don't see it on nuzlocke forums
    It's in the FAQ:

    "If I download a new version, will this damage my save file?"
    Not at all. Overwrite the old .nds file with the new .nds file and it should work.
    NOTE 1: Save/Load states will corrupt! Make sure you have save using the in-game saving option.
    NOTE 2: Don't patch the new patch over your old Beast Black rom! Get a new 5593.nds and patch it over that one.
    You can check if you're playing the new version by going to the Pokemon Center or saving. (Different text)

    The new hack is called: Pokemon Primitive Platinum. Thank you for your interest!

    A terrible hack; you don't want to play it.
    I'll have a nice platinum hack up soon!

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