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Valorie Ryder - Academy Hallways
Valorie felt the small pokemon nuzzle into her side and reached down to lightly pet Kiyoko on the head and back. She had a gentle touch, given she was once again not physically very strong looking. Really, she looked somewhat frail as far as upper body strength went anyway. This could perhaps be accounted for by the fact that she was both short /and/ skinny however.

He then asked her what she would do if someone tried to take him from her. ...Hm. Someone, steal her Pokemon? The very idea offended her. Her brows furrowed a bit in thought.

"...I will have Dragonite sit on them or something."

After a moment, she spoke up. "Well... We won't let them!" she stated in a matter-o-fact tone. She seemed to be implying that her Pokemon would be in support of this as well, or at least that they'd do what she told them to when it came to protecting Valorie from thieves.

...As if on cue, a boy in a singed uniform stumbled forward. Kiyoko would be able to immediately recognize this as a rocket spy, particularly the one he had /just escaped from/ earlier. The boy moved into Valorie's field of vision and greeted her, drawing her gaze. She was immediately kind of... put off by the smell and sight of burnt clothes. What do you want, smelly boy? Go change your clothes! Geez. It was what he proceeded to say however that really put her right on edge.

"Hey... Is that /your/ Pokemon?" the male asked, ever so innocently, directing a questioning finger in the direction of Kiyoko, who was presumably... hiding himself amongst the frills of Valorie's blouse? She had her hand rested on him in a steady manner. She wasn't afraid.

"Yeah..?" Valorie responded, to which the spy promptly displayed a look of surprise. Surely, a student hadn't managed to tame that crrrraazzy Kiyoko with a pokeball, right? "Oh..." the spy said rather simply before continuing in a casual tone, as if this were all just a misunderstanding. "No... no this must be some sort of misunderstanding--You see, I know the owner of that zorua, and--" the spy continued before being ever so rudely interrupted by Valorie, who by now was fully on-guard.

"No... he's /mine/!" she stated in a rather possessive, aggravated manner, reaching down and gently scooping Kiyoko into her arms, holding him against her belly. She totally had this aggressive look on her face, and the spy just sort of fell quiet for a moment, staring at her as if she had just crossed a line. Valorie was being openly hostile towards him. She wasn't doing a great job of hiding the fact that she knew he wasn't up to any good.

Next thing Valorie knew the boy whipped out a ball, emphasis on that whip part because he literally proceeded to back-hand her across the face with afformentioned hand while Valorie was busy shifting Kiyoko into one arm so that she could reach into her satchel to grab a pokeball of her own. She let out something of a meek squeak and stumbled a bit, startled and a tad confused. People generally didn't... hit her like that, y'know.

The male released a swampert and immediately ordered it to use hydro pump while Valorie was disorientated and she in turn barely managed to send out Haxorus in time to save Kiyoko and herself from the focus of that attack. Haxorus emerged from her ball just in time to be struck by the powerful jet of water. A spray of water was sent all over the hallway as water exploded off of Haxorus' armored body, mildly spraying Valorie and Kiyoko. The sheer force of the jet of water generated a wind that the two would be able to feel on their skins.

...Haxorus on the other hand was /not/ impressed. Being released into a hydro pump set her right off, and as she recovered from the attack she released a rather guttural roar that could be heard for quite a distance through the school. This actually seemed to shock the spy, who hadn't been expecting someone /quite/ so strong. He quickly recovered from his shock however. He was no pushover either.

"Haxorus, Dragon Dance!" Valorie called out, to which her haxorus began to do a rather primal looking 'dance' that looked... a lot like she was getting pumped up to pounce and maul that swampert. Go figure.

...Meanwhile, Valorie was still totally holding Kiyoko in one arm, presuming he had trusted her word on protecting him enough not to bolt.

Olivia Wolf - N's Classroom
Olivia blushed, somewhat embarassed by N's comment about his plans having been for this to be a group exercise. He then began to ask her questions. Did she like grooming her pokemon this way? "Yes..?" she replied, her tone suggesting she wanted to see where this went. N asked her if it took a long time to groom her buneary like this. she glanced at Buneary and took a moment to consider the question. "Well, not /that/ long, but..." she replied, drifting off at the end of her sentence in thought. She may or may not have been trying to predict N's direction.

And then he asked her if her buneary enjoyed being groomed this way. This one stumped Olivia. She just sort of stood there for a moment looking lost. She glanced at Buneary, but it was kind of hard to read the pokemon's ever so cute face. She looked kind of ... tense though? Was that what she was seeing? "I don't--..."

Olivia crouched down next to Buneary, deciding to try something different. Perhaps she was supposed to talk to her buneary and interpret her response? That was what communication was... like right? "What do you think, Vivian? Don't--" Olivia started, causing Vivian to glare at her trainer, though Olivia didn't seem to be fully aware of what her Pokemon was doing.

...And then her buneary took a deep, bunny breath...

Next thing the entire class knew the room would be full of the sound of buneary's hyper voice, an irritatingly loud yell at the top of the small pokemon's lungs. And /boy/ did she apparently have lungs. Now, the attack was actually concentrated, and so it wouldn't hurt anyone... except Olivia. Olivia just sort of made her best oh SNAP face and promptly clutched at her ears in some semblance of pain. The attack lasted several seconds until Buneary abruptly stopped, perhaps having run out of breath. Olivia just sort of... rolled over onto her back and laid there looking freaked right the heck out.

Can you hear me now, Olivia? How about now?

Elizabeth - Elizabeth's Classroom
The meowth tilted it's head and purred lightly as Roxas stroked it, displaying a expression. Like many pokemon, this meowth had the ability to use aura. This particular meowth tapped into the dark side of aura. A trickster and thief like this couldn't have tapped in any other way. For a moment he just sort of stood there, enjoying the situation of being pet. Then, Elizabeth spoke up in front of the class again.

"Um--..." she began to speak, hesitating a moment to check the time. The big hand had to be... there right? Right... So... "...Classtime is... coming to an end... If... if you've finished your... ball... Show it to me and you... can go. There's no... homework, but...--"

She hesitated for a moment. "Takumi..? Would you... please stay after class for a short while..?" she finally asked. Takumi probably could've said it himself, but it didn't seem like she was mad at him or anything. What could she want? Well, the good news was that she explained slightly, if not vaguely. "There's something I'd... like to talk to you about." she finished. She seemed to be very flustered at this point. Talking in front of a class was hard on her.

Meanwhile, the meowth that had shown interest in Roxas decidedly hopped off his desk and began to make his way back to Elizabeth, stopping briefly to receive affection and steal the valuables from Takumi. If he was aware of Roxas being in Team Rocket, he didn't show it.

Dardanette's Pokemon - Dead Forest
Dardanette's remaining pokemon seemed to stumble around, disorientated. Some more than others had been effected by the gravity, but the ultimate result was that her pokemon seemed to be more concerned with attempting to keep the fallen Gengar from literally falling through the ground. Now...

RUN, C.J., RUUUUUN! Dardanette is coming for youuu!

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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