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Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
Please be in English Companies are getting on my nerves lately about not making certain games people want into English. An English version would get more people in it that missed it the first time meaning more sales for KH 3
The only game they didn't sell in the Kingdom Hearts series is Final Mix, Final Mix+ BBSFinal Mix, Coded for the mobile. But they still released every other game to us, we know the story. Plus Nomura wouldn't leave out the PS3 HD collection for us, we will give it to us.


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This is amazing, the trailer, also it looks like they added something new to KH1/FM "reaction commands" like in Re:CoM, and KH2 :) also days have a new scene. It shows it.

EDITX2:Reaction commands

Comparison with Kh1, and HD Remastered