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    Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
    I played your hack for a little while yesterday, and I'm here to give a bit of feedback!

    It's definitely had a lot of effort put into it, and you seem to have great ideas for the story, so that's always great. There are a few small things that I think could improve the overall quality hugely if you did a bit of work on them.

    The mapping: it could use a bit of work, to be honest. Firstly there's the movement permissions:

    Basically, all of the tiles I'm facing should be walkable. Since they're just the roof and the tops of trees, they should just cover the player but not be blocked.

    I think the Lab should probably use different tiles, seeing as it's so drastically different inside compared to the houses. This isn't really an issue as such, as it may just be something you haven't gotten around to yet.

    Now, the above screenshot. There's the use of movement permissions that prevent the player from going down the seemingly-clear path to the left, firstly. But what's a bit more problematic is that when I take one step upwards, a sprite appears out of thin air. Because the game doesn't load overworld events in neighbouring maps, he only appears when you enter the map. So you should probably put him a bit further into the map, so he doesn't just.. appear.

    The above screenshot just looks a bit weird, to be honest. I know it's the entrance to a forest, but it just looks.. like a lot of tile errors, with the part of the path underneath the doorway, and the fact that the doorway isn't attached to a building. You may want to consider inserting some tiles that are more suitable to entering a forest, as they did in Ruby and Platinum and so on. And again, the gap at the top of the trees make it look spacey and just strange.

    Some other things are a little off-putting. For example, the grammar at times is a little off- you tend to use some capital letters in places that just don't make sense. Like when your Rival says "Yeah, They were all pretty weak." That's just one example, but you do it a fair bit throughout the hack, and it's very.. ick looking.

    Something else that could use work is the Player's backsprite and so on. I assume it's probably preliminary anyway, but the amount of just.. plain black on his backsprite does not look great, so.. it may be something you want to edit to make it look better.

    In general, though, there are some elements that are quite good. I like that you actually incorporated losing a battle into the storyline, as that's something that's NEVER used in official Pokemon games, but is interesting in moving the story along. I think that you should consider having the player character speak, however- well, while I don't think it's the best thing in the world, it's certainly not the worst. One thing you should DEFINITELY look over is the use of coloured text in character's speech. It's all over the place, right off the bat- your mother speaks with blue text, then with red text in the next script. Your player speaks with gray text, sometimes blue text, and it's just.. it should be used so blue = boy and red = girl, or not at all. Otherwise it just makes it hard to follow the text.

    With a bit more work, though, you'll have a great hack, as it's certainly got it's good points, so keep it up!
    Thanks for the Feedback. The trees and roofs covering the player is something I completely overlooked and forgot I could do. But yes, the Professor's Lab will be changed by the next release and a lot of maps will be redone, especially Atlantic City. As for the scripting, I write the scripts and Tajaros is the one who adds them into the playable versions. So I will inform him to keep the color texts to a minimum or only have specific colors depending on their gender. 1 thing I didn't understand in your feedback is you said I should have the character player speak. I'm pretty sure the player speaks A LOT. I appreciate the feedback and I'll consider these things while working onward to finishing the hack.

    As for the Special Guest being in part 2, it's a really tough choice. All of you picked some pretty cool characters and a poll would narrow things down. I do agree with Ash493 that it'll have to be rational thinking because the character being there has to make sense and the character personally has to be adapted to the type of battling style of Pokemon and controlling monsters in some form. Choosing Shigeki or someone from Digimon and possibly Beyblade would be easier, but idk we'll see. Choices...Choices. No DBZ Characters btw! lol