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    I have created the first draft of what I think is a design document. The process is as new to me as it is to many of you.

    Everyone, please have a look through it and comment on anything you find. Is what has been described suitable for every reasonable possibility and usage?

    Originally Posted by yaywalter View Post
    I don't have any real useful code to share... I only got as far as making the general movement and the card library/deck builder. And it was in Game Maker, so it wouldn't be useful to somebody trying to make an RPG Maker game. And to be honest, I don't know where the files for it are anymore or if I've even still got them.

    But I was able to find these 3 screenshots in the thread I made for it:

    The game was going to have a structure more similar to a traditional Pokemon game, rather than the structure of the GBC TCG game. You'd earn money from defeating trainers and gym leaders, which you'd be able to use at stores to buy booster packs or individual cards. There would be 8 gym leaders, as well as an Elite Four.
    I remember seeing those screenshots ages ago. I have a bit of a soft spot for TCG games, but on the rare occasions they're mentioned they always fall through (like most other games, actually, but unlike them the TCG games have a good reason for failing). It's always interesting to see how people envisage these kinds of things.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    ok i am done with about 75% of the library screen...
    i think today i can show the first results...
    hope you will like it...
    Looking forward to it.
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