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    Sweet idea, I'll give it a go.
    *Required Section*
    Preferred In-Game Nameeven
    Trainer Type:Ace
    Pokémon #1:Furret
    Moves:headbutt, quickattack, trick, u-turn
    Item:choice band(if that's okay)
    Pokémon #2:Crobat
    Moves:bravebird, u-turn, roost, toxic
    Pokémon #3:Azumarill
    Moves:waterfall, aquajet, icepunch, toxic
    Ability:huge power(again, if that's okay)
    Pokémon #4:Venusaur
    Moves:powerwhip,leechseed,sleep powder, sludgebomb
    Pokemon #5:Metagross
    Moves:meteormash, earthquake, bullet punch, thunderpunch
    Pokémon #6:Flygon
    Moves:earthquake, dragonclaw, u-turn, stone edge
    *Optional Section*
    Overworld Speecho, how do you battle?
    Battle End Victory Speech:Not bad.
    Battle End Loss Speech:That's right, win with your favorites. More fun that way.
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