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Toujours summed it up, but going to second, triple, whatever.

It's illegal to force prayer; ie lead a stadium, or even a teacher to lead a class. It is true though that many schools no longer say the pledge before school. Mine stopped around the time I was in fifth grade (I remember because the 9/11 attacks happened that year.)

BUT a student can bring a Bible or any religious text to school. In fact, teachers can teach the bible as a form of literature, as long as it's not preaching.

This is only in public schools.

If you really want students/your kids to have prayer/religion actively in their school life then you can send them to private school. I went to private school since I was 5, we prayed every morning, before and after lunch, and we went to a school Mass once a week,. plus any religous holidays. (We even had a Cardinal visit the school once.) We even had organized Confessions once a month. When I was in my private high school we prayed before every class.
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