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    So in Pokemon BW2 there is a new area called pokestudio in some of the movies you participate in you battle things other than Pokemon such as zombie pike dolls , alien ufo , time machines and even people.

    So my question is , how would you feel if battling things other than Pokemon would be included in the main story. For example battleing team plasma mechas along side there pokemon.

    Well I think I'd like it. I think it can show a higher level of danger. I mean defeating a villain then he gives up is cool , but defeating him and then he comes back with a huge team rocket like mecha is much better. I think it could give it a more final fantasy feel to it. And one could Argue that Pokemon. Shouldn't be like final fantasy. To those I say we already have 649 monsters next gen we could probably get another hundred or so. And a lot of legendary Pokemon are shown to have power that can cause major damage to anything that stands in there way. So I'm saying we are closer to final fantasy than you think. The only thing that's missing is a real deep story
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