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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard
    Heading to the loud sounds

    Lucia and Eric had been talking on the way to the center, mostly about how his case had gone when suddenly a loud roar was heard. Both Scizor stopped dead in their tracks and quickly exchanged glances. Eric rubbed his ears, "Ugh, that didn't sound good. Does that happen on a regular basis?"

    Lucia shook her head, "I don't think so. I didn't hear it yesterday, but it sounded like something big."

    Eric grinned, "Maybe a big battle is going on then? I wonder what pokemon it was. Hey! How about we head over and get a quick peek? Been too long since I've seen a battle first hand."

    Lucia frowned, "Well, I wanted you to meet my friends."

    Eric frowned, "True, well you can dial them up and tell them you'll be heading over there then. Didn't you say one of your friends... Mark right? That he was expecting someone else to show up? Well, while they wait for their friend to show up we can check out this battle and see your competition."

    Lucia nodded slowly, "Sure. I guess it won't hurt."

    Eric gave her a thumbs up, "Sweet. Now let's go check it out. Guys lead the way." He said to the Scizors who both nodded. Due to their trained hearing the bug types easily led the way through the school heading closer and closer to the where the roar came from.
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