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    Seth, Teal, and Kira
    Seth was awakened by the chattering of his room's phone. Groggily picking it up, he answered it.

    "What?" he asked whoever was on the other end.

    "Hey Seth! Want to join a race we're having?" Said the unmistakable voice of Teal, sounding kind of exited.

    "What kind? With who? I need more information." Seth replied, feeling much more awake.

    "Just meet me in that forest clearing. Bring you're Pokemon." he heard Teal say before he hung up. Putting the phone back down, he got up and walked torwards the door.

    I wonder where Shadow is... He can deal with himself. Seth thought as he walked out into the warm sunshine. Feeling a bit heartened at the prospect of some friendly competition, Seth walked back to the open clearing.

    "Hey!" Seth said as he entered the large forest glade. "Well, this is more people than I expected..." Seth said as he saw everyone gathered. He saw Tristen, Kira, Teal, the boy that had almost drowned... They were all here.

    "Okay, we will be racing up the volcano in two teams of three. You can only use you're Pokemon to help you climb. I have some rags for higher up the mountain." Teal explaned. Seth nodded then asked "Where is the other person? We only have 5..."

    "I lust got in touch with Lucas, he will be joining us shortly." Teal said, easing Seth's confusion.

    Seth, now satisfied, went to talk to Kira.

    "Hey. how are you doing?" Seth asked.

    Kira just shrugged her shoulders and continued to gaze angrily at Teal.

    "Have you seen Kim? She was at the beach when I saw her last. Has she been around?" Seth continued to ask her.

    She shrugged again. Seth was begining to get frustrated. Seeing that she wasnt about to talk, he went and sat against a tree, waiting for Lucas to arrive.

    Shadow and Kim
    Well, i think that this place is perfect... Kim said, and Shadow, mezmerized by her charm, could only nod.

    You sure Kira won't mind?

    No. Lady Kira can fend for herself.

    Okay. You want to talk about anything?

    Not now...

    Shadow just laid back in the sand and closed his eyes.
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