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    Banned cos I totally forgot(thought he was a Cyndaquil, silly me)

    Nineray: W-what was that? I'm sure I heard a Palkia. That means that it must have triggered that hole! Maybe it brought us so that we can liberate it from Darkpokeball! It's
    prime time for searching for it.
    Meloetta: Right,right, but some rest first. I'm in no condition for proceeding anywhere...without dinner.
    Me: Nope. I'm sorry Meloetta, but we can't afford wasting time. If we confront Darkpokeball alone, without Cosmotone, we'll outnumber him and the Chainsaw Meowth and cancel his claims on the legendary duo!
    *Looks around and spots some large footprints.*
    This way!

    ポケットモンスター RULEZ!!!
    Gotta experience 'em all!
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