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    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    Obviously! Duh.

    But look, choosing to do BW on DS instead of a bit later for the 3DS, that was this choice we are talking about. BW2 were then made for DS too for all the self-explanatory reasons.
    Surely they have been working on new games in the later stages of the above games already. But not doing even these on 3DS would be really pushing it.
    Its way overdue now and probably wouldnt even have been a question, especially if they started working on it post BW.

    3 sets of games on a handheld that has a successor out... nope, it makes no sense to me.
    But we are only talking about a year. I don't see why you find it hard that Nintendo would finish the generation on the same platform. I mean the 3ds isnt going anywhere. Imagine if emerald came out for the DS . Would gen 4 games have impressed us as much?
    Now one way my argument could be invalid is if you point out the differences between gen 4 and gen 5 despite them being on the same platform. And you know what you got me there.

    Frankly I would love if the remakes came out on the 3ds. It could give us a little taste of what gen 6 could be.

    But I believe the remakes would be for the DS. I don't think Nintendo would rush a game out just so it could be on a new platform, when they could wait a year and kick off a new gen on the new platform. Especially when new versions of said platform could come out within another year( 3dsi anyone?)

    Of course if Nintendo do planed for the remakes in advance then I have nothing to worry about

    I just don't think waiting another year to put Pokemon main games on the 3Ds is a bad bussiness Decision. It's seems more shrewd to wait. And I like to think of the Japanese as a shrewd people lol

    Of course what do I know. I have no facts to back up what I'm saying( of course no one here has facts to back up there claims, hence it being a speculation thread) but this is what I believe will happen

    Whether I'm right or wrong in the end I win with a new Pokémon game