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Originally Posted by _Dean_ View Post
Right on haha. So I deleted my facebook recently. Which is why I'm back on PC. I needed another social outlet.

Anybody else recently (or ever, I guess) delete their facebook? If so, why?
Oh boy, here we go.

I deleted my old account a while ago for two reasons.

One: mom was being a pain and at the time such media outlets were taboo in my house. I still had one anyway, since I'm a rebel like that, and she found a couple of times. The first two or three times, she told me to deactivate, which I did, only to reuse it literally within a couple of hours. Eventually, when she found out a fourth time, she got really pissed. I decided it wasn't worth it, so I wrote some random numbers on a piece of paper, and changed my password to that. Afterwards, I ripped the paper into pieces and threw it out, and then signed off. Like a dumbass, though, I forgot to deactivate it, so it still exists actually. In fact, it's a hacked account now, yippee.

Two: Creepy stalker girl who confessed undying love would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE.

I have another one now though, with my parents' okay. =D