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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    Nice GDD for a minigame option in a engine. This is almost a profissinal one! A profissinal Design Document generally have more description (even more detailed) and diagrams. But for a draft this is excellent (excluding the lack of duel info). You're skilled at it, I can't believe that is your first time!
    This design document is pretty much just a list of notes I've thought of, arranged into sections. Some important notes are unnecessary, as they're mechanics of the game and assumed known (e.g. you draw a card at the beginning of your turn, and attack at the end), or things are described as "like X unless stated" and are also taken for granted (e.g. the Library works like the Bag). That's probably where the lack of description is. That and me not thinking of everything, of course.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I vote for Stadium/Support cards as separate types, but will be the same in some effects (just like real TCG). The real TCG can't edit the old cards.

    I suggest you to make this a string array defined in card rather that several subtypes defined in scripts.

    I suggest you to use the actual number and only allow 10 multiples. I predict people having problems with this.
    The only thing against the complete separation of Trainer and Stadium/Supporter cards is that most recently they've gone back to being subtypes of Trainer cards. In this particular situation, it's easier to pick one option and stick to it (situations like "how do Fossil Pokémon work?", on the other hand, should probably remain identical to the real cards despite a variety of methods).

    I know how to define the various card properties (I just need to know which ones are needed). Trust me, it's better my way. Smaller HP values are simpler to work with, and if people can't read the instructions and observe the hundreds of example cards, I'd say there's something wrong with them rather than the system being at fault.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    Maybe in future?

    Disagree. Put a number option (1-6) for more convenience

    Disagree, Probably Isn't possible to put all in one page, so put two with the second page a continuation from the first one.

    Put also a money/coins/card points option from buying boosters or cards.

    I prefer this as a mode for Library.
    Card shops are, to say the least, difficult when there's no currency (which is about the first thing I stated). The GBC game managed without money, and it's not something I'm going to worry about. This also applies to your comment about alternatives to booster prizes - I did consider cash alternatives, but decided against it (because that's not how the GBC game rolls, it doesn't feel right/appropriate to me, and it deters save-scumming for better booster pack contents).

    I understand that duels are only done with either 3 or 6 Prize cards, which is why I wrote that. 1 is rather unfair as there's too much chance involved in the early game, and any other number seems random.

    You can disagree all you want about the layout of the card summary, but it hasn't even been designed yet. All I know is that it's impossible to fit all the information on one screen, and I know how the GBC game does it, which is what I wrote. I don't know whether it will just show the entire card image (probably not), or show screens similar to the GBC game. It's up to the artists.

    The Card Dex performs a different function to the Library. The Library shows you what cards you have (and how many you have), while the Card Dex is mainly used to show you what you're missing (just like the Pokédex, including where you can get missing cards from - booster packs are based on sets). The Library also has many pockets, making it impossible to use it as a set completion record. The Card Dex will remain as a separate feature.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    About the game board I prefer the Game Boy TCG one rather that the actual board. Try to mix some options and display the moves and Poké-power in the main duel screen (at least without the effect or even only the names). Try to display also the weakness, resistance and retreat cost.

    Instead of Hand, Attack, Check, Pkmn Power, Retreat and Done, I suggest you to use Hand, Action (with Attack and Done options) and Board (with Pkmn Power and Retreat options).

    I prefer that you use the pokémon card artwork rather that the entire card.
    Again, all that is mainly up to the artists who will come up with the appearance of the duel screen. I've tried playing around with some graphics, but it's very difficult for me to figure anything out (it's not my forte).

    I imagine it would work like Asobikata, in that you select a card and a pop-up menu appears listing the appropriate actions that card can do (rather than the GBC method of choosing the action first then finding a card that can do it). The card graphics in the duel screen would have a number of icons on them, indicating a few things (whether retreat is possible, whether it has a PokéPower, whatever).

    It would be best to use card templates, and just have card-specific illustrations.

    Originally Posted by yaywalter View Post
    My TCG project fell through simply due to laziness and getting distracted by other projects. But the idea still appeals to me, so I might revisit it... I'm thinking about even integrating it into my current project, so it'll be like two games in one: A regular Pokemon game, and a Pokemon TCG game.

    Anyway, well-done design document. I should probably start making 'em for my projects instead of just jotting down random notes. I wish you the best of luck with your TCG game, but we might just become rivals if I include the TCG in my Pokemon game. But that might even be beneficial...
    I'm not making a game myself. This is mainly a whim, and if it comes to fruition, it will be available to all as a kit (an addition to Essentials). I don't think I'll include it in Essentials itself, though.

    That's why I won't consider you a "rival". Sharing ideas would be beneficial, of course, particularly between two people who are actually working on such projects.

    Originally Posted by Rickyboy View Post
    Personally the original gba title is what I'd like to see remade because I like it so much, but that's because we haven't really had much else to compare it to.

    I'd also really like to see the gameboard incorporated into the game. Essentially a background that will be different every time you play, to mimic the different poster/board things that come with the booster packs nowadays. This would be a great incentive to get more artists aboard, since they could literally draw almost anything for the boards.

    I'd say show the overall board between turns, and then when it comes time to attack, the screen switches to the gbc style card vs. card set-up.

    Lastly, I'm free as a artist for whatever when the framework gets set-up. I know that doesn't help you right now, but whether it be menu design, card art, or whatever, I can help.
    The dual background random artwork is an interesting idea, and one which I probably wouldn't have thought of. It's up to the artists as to whether the dual will look like an actual playing field or just a mass of information (but I'd prefer the former).

    By the way, when I say "artists", I mean: "anyone of you people who want to make a doodle in Paint of how you think something should look or be laid out". You don't need to be a good artist; you just need to visually show where you think the discard pile should appear (or whatever).

    I need this concept art now. I can't really make any progress at all until I know what the screens are supposed to look like (and I'm bad at that). The more art, the better. Draw everything. Thanks.
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