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Originally Posted by _Dean_ View Post
@Bloodex: Ouch man, that sucks about the family. I feel you on the crazy stalker girls. -.- Dang weirdos.

@Thomas: That's what I'm sayin'! I was addicted to facebook. Literally got in trouble left and right at work for checking my phone. It became a habit to automatically check facebook when I unlocked my phone. @[email protected] I had to stop. hahaha

I have to say, I'm very at peace with it. I still have twitter, which I'm using a lot more than I was but not nearly as much as facebook. I kinda just use it for my thought output when I'm peeved. >:]
Lately I've actually been instagram crazy. XD I feel like I'm constantly posting picture and then also going back and curating the ones I've taken already.

One a side obsession note...if anyone has instagram they should follow me XD *coughmyusernameisTEC2030soyeahfollowmecough*