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Hiya, I'm back. ^.^
I would appreciate it if you could make me a special signature. I would like it if you use the characters Oren & Kayo from my Pokemon Hack Dark Rising. Their pictures can be seen right away on this link(just scroll down a tiny tiny bit on the first post.)

1.Size of Signature: Big

2.Background colors or Background image: Either a black background with Thunder coming down or a fire background with Thunder coming down.

3. Images: The characters Oren and Kayo from the link above facing each other as if they're about to battle. I think you can recolor a picture of Red or Ash for Oren and the G/S/C rival for Kayo.

4. Text: Beta 2 Coming Soon...

5. Text Color: Any you feel would fit the picture best.

6.Boarder: Pointy

Take your time, thanks in advance.