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I'm not really sure (because Government class was two years ago now) but I'm pretty sure the thing about the pledge wasn't religious- it was more that people shouldn't have to swear allegiance to the USA if they don't want to. Or salute the flag or something.

Oh here it is actually- West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette.
Basically what that says is public schools may not require students to salute the flag, stand for or recite the Pledge of Allegiance. All of the schools I've been to have done the Pledge, though- every day in elementary and middle school (where everybody recited it due to not feeling like they had a choice) and every Tuesday in high school (where nobody recited it because they couldn't be bothered).

But yeah on the main topic- it's completely legal to worship however you chose in public schools. If you have to leave class once in a while to pray, fine. Teachers can't stop you and can't punish you. If you want to pray before a test, fine. Just don't force others to. If you want to read a religious text in class, fine. Just don't do it while you've got work to be doing. I spent many years in multicultural public schools and observed all manner of religious practices being done quietly. No staff member in a public school is legally obliged or allowed to stop you as long as you are not imposing your beliefs on others.

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