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Brown Matthews

Brown was grinning like an idiot. He was trying his hardest not to outright laugh as small bursts of chuckles escaped his mouth. The way the kid jumped out all startled and all, oh man, that killed Brown. He always got a kick out of messing around with camp newbies. Of course, it wasn't necessarily the friendliest thing to do, but it was all in harmless fun. For the most part.

Once his laughter had subsided, Brown approached the duo. His eyes glanced at the boy with a confused expression. A demigod so easily startled by a mere pebble? Brown hoped the kid was daydreaming or something. He decided he wouldn't give him too much grief about it. Just kidding, but he wasn't going to milk the embarrassment for more than it was worth, which wasn't much.

"Kiara, you know me by now. Besides, I was just testing how alert you guys were. You obviously passed the test. Your friend though, not so hot." The alertness bull was all a lie, he just felt like chucking a damn rock. He grinned, to hint that his previous statement was merely a joke and not to be taken seriously.

Suddenly, a blue Shellos made it's way to the group. Brown assumed it belong to Matt. He bent down to scratch it's chin, or where the chin would be on a something that had one. The Shellos didn't take too kindly to it and almost bit his finger. Frowning in slight disappointment, Brown sat himself down on the ground. He looked up at Matt and extended out a hand and smiled lightly.

"What's up man. Sorry 'bout that back there, but you'll get used to it soon enough."
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