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IRL Pokemon Snapshot

Have you ever wondered what types of Pokemon would live around you? Perhaps you've already imagined this. Either way, why not put your photography skills to the test, and snap a picture or two of the places where Pokemon could be found near you? Find that special spot and snag a shot!

All PokeCommunity Rules apply.
Please keep all photos you desire to enter, in one post.
Spoiler all photos, (whether in one spoiler, or in several.)
Taking a picture of every pokemon isn't required, so feel free to take photos of your favourites of the bunch!
If the image you are wishing to submit requires that you take a photo of another individual, ensure that you've asked them for permission before taking your photo.
Have fun, and get snapping!

How this event works is as follows:

You will be given a list of a large variety of Pokemon to take photos of. This years IRL Pokemon Snapshot Competition, is based of the theme "Celebrations", so all pokemon on the list relate to this theme.
As you work your way through the list you may notice that every pokemon has their own unique requirements and point value. The requirements will give you a breif description of where or what you need to take a photo of, to successfully gain that pokemon's points.
Take a photo using the AR markers from your own 3DS and Pokedex 3D, or print out an image of the Pokemon and put it where it fits best, and snap a photo!
PCX starts at 12:00 AM EST on Monday September 24 and ends 11:59 PM on Sunday September 30. This event will conclude on Saturday September 30 11:59 PM, leaving one day for point calculation and announcements!
The person with the most points in total, will win!

If you need further clarification feel free to visit last year's IRL Pokemon Snapshot Competition, Unova Photo Hunt.

Everyone who participates will be awared an emblem, whether a placing (1st, 2nd or 3rd), or a participation emblem.

List of Pokemon:
Abomasnow - Next to a pine tree. [5 points]
Aipom - With a blown up plastic glove. [5 points]
Altaria - Amongst the clouds. [5 points]
Ambipom - With three blown up plastic gloves. [5 points]
Articuno - In a snowy area. [10 points]
Baltoy - Spinning with a spinning top! [5 points]
Beautifly - Near a real butterfly. [10 points]
Bellossom - Next to a flowering bush. [5 points]
Celebi - Sitting on a fern. [5 points]
Chandelure - Hiding behind a chandelier. [10 points]
Chatot - Beside a hummingbird or a bird that is known for it's whistles. [15 points]
Cherrim - On a pink flower. [5 points]
Chimecho -With a bell. (Any) [5 points]
Chinchou - Swimming in the glow of an underwater light. [10 points]
Claydol - Riding a carosel. [10points]
Clefable - Under the Moon. [5 points]
Clefairy - Under the stars. [5 points]
Cradily - Beside a drooping flower. [5 points]
Delibird - Under a christmas tree. [5 points]
Difloon - Bumping around with a bunch of balloons. [5 points]
Ditto - Inside purple jelly. [10 points]
Drifblim - Flying alongside a blimp! [15 points]
Dustox - Hovering with a moth. [10 points]
Forretress - Rolling with a yoyo. [5 points]
Frillish (M&F) - Swimming amongst, or with, a jellyfish! [15 points]
Gardevoir - Next to a long, elegant dress. [5 points]
Gorebyss - On a pink scarf. [5 points]
Ho-Oh - Flying through a sunny sky. [5 points]
Huntail - Stretched out with a door snake. [5 points]
Illumise - Hovering around a streetlamp. [5 points]
Jynx - On a stage. [5 points]
Kelcon - In a reptile enclosure, or by a real lizard. [5 or 10 respectively; points]
Kirlia - Near ribbons and pink material. [5 points]
Kricketune - Hiding amongst tall grass. [5 points]
Lampent - Next to a lamp. [5 points]
Lanturn - Next to an anglerfish. [15 points]
Lickitung - Near an animal with an abnormally large tongue. [15 points]
Lilligant - On a overhanging plant. [5 points]
Litwick - Hiding behind a candle. [5 points]
Ludicolo - Near a pond with lillypads. [5 points]
Lugia - Near a water fountain. [10 points]
Lunatone - Shining in the night sky beside the moon. [5 points]
Maractus - On a cactus. [5 points]
Masquerain - Next to a hand fan. [5 points]
Meloetta - Near musical notes. [5 points]
Mew - On a packet of marshmellows. [5 points]
Mewtwo - In a laboratory. [15 points]
Milotic - Swimming in a large lake. [10 points]
Mime Jr. - With a piece of circus equipment. [5 points]
Moltres - Flying past the glimmering sun. [5 points]
Mr. Mime - Next to a real mime artist. [15 points]
Pelipper - Along the beach. [10 points]
Pikachu - In a forest. [10 points]
Pineco - Sitting with a pinecone. [5 points]
Roselia - In a vase with a bunch of flowers. [5 points]
Roserade - In a rosebush. [5 points]
Sawsbuck - Nearby a deer. [5 points]
Sigilyph - Near a windchime. [5 points]
Smeargle - Near an easel. [5 points]
Snover - Standing alongside a tree sapling. [5 points]
Solrock - On a rock baking in the sun. [5 points]
Spinda - Spinning beside a swirly pattern. [5 points]
Stantler - Nearby a deer. [10 points]
Staryu - Stuck with a starfish. [10 points]
Sudowoodo - By an ordinary tree. [5 points]
Suicune - Walking across the surface of a lake. [10 points]
Sunflora - Amongst sunflowers. [5 points]
Sunkern - On a packet of seeds. [5 points]
Swablu - On a ball of fluffy cotton. [5 points]
Togepi - Next to a cracked egg. [5 points]
Vanillite - By one ice block. [5 points]
Vanillish - By a single scoop of icecream. [5 points]
Vanilluxe - By two scoops of icecream. [5 points]
Volbeat - Buzzing with a bee(s). [10 points]
Wigglytuff - Near a swirl of cream. [5 points]
Wobuffet - By a punching bag. [5 points]
Zapdos - Sparkling with a birthday sparkler. [10 points]

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