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PCX Roleplaymania!

Featuring your hosts, Skymin, Raikiri and Leaf Storm!


The stadium is open! Welcome aboard to PCX ROLEPLAYMANIA, brought to you by yours truly. This event is all about roleplay, and all about using your imagination! This is your chance to let your imagination shine through and let everything go bright! This event is open to ALL skill levels, whether you are a complete noob at roleplaying, just getting started, or you’ve been doing some RPing at the ‘Corner for years and willing to try out some competition. This event is for everyone with a craving for adventure!

Rules to Follow!

  • All PC Global Rules, as well as the Roleplay Corner rules apply.
  • Your posts must have a rating up to T, nothing beyond that. You cannot go beyond violent fighting or kissing.
  • You must meet the minimum word requirement for your post to be eligible for the competition (500 for Beginner Battlers, 550 for Legendary Encounter, 700 for Advanced Battlers)
  • When submitting your post(s), be sure they are in a spoiler tag. We also want to use this thread to discuss the event, so that way we won’t be confused as to what you’re posting about.
  • As always, have fun! :D

Categories to Enter!

The event consists of three categories. Beginner’s Battle (recommended for people who want to try out a battle, but have little or no roleplaying experience), Advanced Battle (for intermediate to veteran roleplayers) and a Legendary Encounter event (for all skill level roleplayers, whether new or old). You have the option to join either the battling category or the Legendary Encounter category, or do both. If you plan to do the Battling category, you cannot do both skill levels.


Ready for a battle? Sure you are. Time to get all pumped up for a trainer one-on-one battle! If you are willing to “be the best trainer you can be”, take on the challenge! Use the SU on the bottom of this subsection to identify the character you’ll be using in your post. You have the option to battle with another participant or with a Non-Playable Character (NPC).

This category has two skill levels: Beginner and Advanced. If you have never roleplayed before, it is highly recommended to sign up for the Beginner category. Your post must have at least 500 words for Beginner, 700 words for Advanced.

Level: (Beginner or Advanced?)
Opponent: (NPC or Participant? – are you willing to battle with another participant or with a made-up NPC?)

Character Details
Trainer Name: (does not need to be a full name)
Personality: (1-2 sentences, no need to go into detail)
Appearance: (An image or 1-2 sentences)
Pokemon: (One Pokemon + 4 moves for Beginner, Two Pokemon + 4 moves each for Advanced)

Legendary Encounter!

This category, open to all skill level roleplayers, is where you put use of your imagination. Put yourself in the trainer’s shoes when encountering a majestic legendary Pokemon. Leaf Storm has provided you a full description of your legendary encounter in the spoiler below.

You are a trainer who had finished battling all 8 gyms in Kanto, and you are at Viridian City, heading over to the Pokemon League. All of the sudden the sky turns darker unexpectedly, and you start to wonder why. Wind starts to blow, and wild Pokemon are hiding from the tall grass. As you keep walking on the path towards Victory Lane, you find an Entei leaping right towards you. You become hesitant, there was absolutely no way out because the Pokemon was eyeing you and has the temptation to attack. Then you think to yourself: you want to try to capture the legendary Pokemon, it would be a prized Pokemon for your team. If you do not do something quickly, it will flee, and the opportunity: lost. Your mission is to attempt to capture Entei as quickly as possible. You have five ultra balls in hand and that is it. You also have three Pokemon (we will assign them once you begin), all of which are fully evolved, and ready to fight.

Are you ready to do what it takes to battle against a legendary Pokemon? If you are *only* doing the Legendary Encounter, fill out the SU below. You are only required to fill out the name of the Trainer, the personality, and appearance. Leaf Storm will PM you with 3 random Pokemon you will have to use in your roleplay post. Keep in mind that you can use one or all of those Pokemon to weaken the Entei, in order to capture it.

Personality: (1-2 sentences)
Appearance: (Image or small description)

Your post must be more than 550 words. Be sure to end your post with the Pokeball shaking on the ground. At the end of the event, the results will be revealed.


Battle Category

Legendary Encounter!

Dates to Remember:

September 28th, 2012 [11:59 PM Eastern Time] – Deadline to submit posts (both categories)
September 30th, 2012 – Results

*dates subject to change
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