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Gen I, whenever I didn't start with Charizard, I always dropped my starter for another critter. Gen II, I think I kept Typhlosion all the way up to the end, but dropped Feraligatr as soon as I could. Gen III... I honestly can't remember, but Blaziken always looked weird and had a not-great moveset, so I probably ditched it when I could. Gen IV has the best starters out of any game, and I've kept Infernape so far through all of my Platinum playthrough. Mainly 'cause there are a dearth of Fire critters, but it's still the best Fire/Fighting type there is. Gen V: OMG THEY'RE ALL SO BAD! I got rid of Samurott as soon as I could it was that awful. Not Feraligatr awful, but reeeeeeeeally bad.
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