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    So, I traveled all the way back to Petalburg to visit my dad, but it was only for a short time because I ended up beating him in a battle. Although, he took out 3 of my Pokemon, 1 was already faint from other battles and one of the last two were my trump cards, Boidoh ended up winning before Caboose was needed.


    GROVYLE [Whirlwind] Lv32 (M)
    Bashful Nature @Soft Sand
    -Leaf Blade
    -Quick Attack

    MIGHTYENA [Rocky] Lv31 (F)
    Serious Nature @Silk Scarf

    GARDEVOIR [Boidoh] Lv31 (M)
    Adamant Nature @Quick Claw
    -Calm Mind

    -Shock Wave

    HARIYAMA [Caboose] Lv31 (M)
    Bashful Nature @Macho Brace
    -Rock Tomb
    -Fake Out
    -Vital Throw

    MANECTRIC [Sissel] Lv31 (M)
    Timid Nature @Pecha Berry
    -Thunder Wave

    -Quick Attack

    SWABLU [JackSparow] Lv31 (M)
    Careful Nature @Pecha Berry
    -Take Down
    -Steel Wing

    Pokemon LeafGreen: So, I flew to Saffron City and took out all the goons in Silph Co. as well as defeating Giovanni easily with some super effective attacks. Then I beat the Fighting Dojo and then took out Sabrina. Alakazam only took 2 Pin Missile attacks and the rest were fairly easy.


    CHARIZARD [Flame] Lv41 (M)
    Mild Nature @None
    -Steel Wing
    -Mega Kick

    PRIMEAPE [Punch] Lv41 (F)
    Mild Nature @None
    -Mega Punch

    -Brick Break
    -Cross Chop

    SANDSLASH [Dust-Storm] Lv41 (F)
    Docile Nature @None
    -Aerial Ace
    -Rock Slide

    JOLTEON [Vee] Lv41 (M)
    Naive Nature @None
    -Shock Wave
    -Pin Missile
    -Double Kick
    -Quick Attack

    DRAGONAIR [Draco] Lv40 (M)
    Naughty Nature @None
    -Thunder Wave
    -Secret Power
    -Dragon Rage

    LAPRAS [Laptop] Lv40 (F)
    Docile Nature @Quick Claw
    -Body Slam
    -Ice Beam

    Team Summary (Better One in Signature)
    Pokemon LeafGreen
    Pokemon SoulSilver
    Pokemon Emerald
    Pokemon Platinum
    Pokemon White