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    Impersonate Lerroux!
    Hosted by Razor Leaf
    and ♪Twiggy♪.
    A Friendly Reminder
    Keep the submissions within the PokéCommunity rules and in good taste. We reserve the right to delete any inappropriate submissions upon discovery, and all such instances will be reported to staff.

    The most important thing:
    Don't offend your fellow members!
    Welcome to the Impersonate Lerroux contest! In this event, all you have to do is what it says in the title - impersonate everyone's favourite online dictator. But how exactly should you go about this? Well, like Lerroux would, you're going to be coming up with some absolutely ridiculous ideas for the community such as giving all members mod powers or permanently banning upon breaking the rules for the first time, for instance. Anything which is absurd and outrageous. However that's not the end of it! Like any good dictator should, you need to attempt to justify your ridiculous idea with thorough logic and persuasive skill. The more outrageous the idea and the better the persuasion, the higher you score. If you don't understand, an example (along with many others) can be found here and in its enclosing forum.

    For those of you who are newer or didn't catch the Lerroux antics, here's a little bit about who he was and why he was so important! It's a tradition on PokéCommunity to, every year, have an April Fool's joke. For the 2012 one, the staff worked together to set up a fake account posing as a new site admin - Lerroux - who was to take over the forum, doing things his way and only his way. We worked for weeks setting up the fake staff section, linked earlier in this post, which was full of his horrible 'ideas' as well as other fabricated staff discussions. Towards the end of the month, we revealed this forum, and chaos ensued with people believing that the Lerroux account was truly taking over the forum. While it was a rather extreme joke, in the end the reception was fairly warm so we decided to bring him back for this event!

    To enter, you only need to do two things. One, you post your submissions in this thread. And two, you send a copy of your submission to either Razor Leaf or ♪Twiggy♪ via Private Message. While you are allowed to edit your submission after posting it, the original copy will be used to ensure that you haven't totally changed your idea - the one thing which is not allowed to be edited. You may enter up to two submissions, however, although you will only be judged for the better of the two. You need only post in this thread saying that you wish to enter to be signed up, and you can sign up then post your submission at a later date if it isn't ready yet.

    Have fun destroying PokéCommunity!

    Please note that ideas you submit will not be considered by staff for implementation; this is only for fun.

    • All PokéCommunity rules apply.
    • As noted above, be considerate. If you think your post might offend one person or a group of people then PM a host or simply don't say it.
    • Two submissions at most only. If you try to enter more, all submissions after the second one will be omitted and you will not be judged for them even if they are better than the first two.
    • Do not reply to others' submissions. All you do in this thread is sign up and post your own one.


    The event will run for the entirety of the Get-Together, with a couple of days at the end for judging your entries. So take as long as you need to in order to make sure that your entry is as polished as possible!


    Emblems will be given for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and for participation. You'll see them appear here soon!


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