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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    In the deck card count make like (example): if you have 3 Rattata cards, you can put 3 in a deck, 1 in other, 3 in even other, etc... in the same time, but without way to put 4 in one deck.
    You're suggesting that decks act like "recipes", where the cards themselves remain in the Library (rather than the decks physically containing the cards). I did consider this approach, but it would be harder to make sure that decks aren't broken if you get rid of a card (via selling/tossing/trading). I don't think it's worth the effort, it makes less sense than decks physically containing their cards, and it either doesn't affect the player or encourages them to get more cards so they can have both desired decks at once.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    I am thinking about the user side. If a dev wish to create a new subtypes, he just make something like: "Subtype=Super, Hyper", rather than putting a internal name and adding in scripts.

    Most of the TCG games use a current, so the dev that will use this kit probably will use this, and isn't hard to make. Don't put this is like a fight against the current.

    The Game Boy game has this option and isn't hard to do. Like you say: you are making a feature in a dev kit, not one actual game.
    If you're adding a new card Subtype, you're going to need to edit the scripts anyway in order to make it do anything. It's as simple as adding the line "Super = 12" in the appropriate place. My way also makes it easier to create cards, as if you mistype a card's Subtype, it simply won't compile and will immediately tell you why (rather than it compiling with the wrong Subtype and then be incompatible with whatever effects you create for that Subtype, which is a harder error to track down).

    Support for a currency isn't important at the moment. As I've said, I don't know if I'll ever add a currency anyway. It's a matter of what feels right for the game, and I don't think duels for cash feels right.

    Where in the GBC game can you decide how many prize cards you will use? I don't recall any choice at all.
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