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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
You're suggesting that decks act like "recipes", where the cards themselves remain in the Library (rather than the decks physically containing the cards). I did consider this approach, but it would be harder to make sure that decks aren't broken if you get rid of a card (via selling/tossing/trading). I don't think it's worth the effort, it makes less sense than decks physically containing their cards, and it either doesn't affect the player or encourages them to get more cards so they can have both desired decks at once.
Yes, like recipes! I consider this even easier, like, if you have 3 cards and want to sell/toss/trade 2 you only need to check if some deck contain 3 or 2 cards, if any contain, them block it. The recipe idea encorage the player to try several different decks without needing to disassemble the old ones, almost all (if isn't all) actual TCG electronic games use recipes concept.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Where in the GBC game can you decide how many prize cards you will use? I don't recall any choice at all.
This choice I am talking for devs. In the Game Boy TCG, every duel have their prizes previous set by the developer, the importants ones (plus Imakuni?) are 6.This duel have 4 prizes.