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You partner Eevee name : Aqua The Eevee
Why do you like Eevee? : Eevee is so cute and its evolutions are awesome! Eevee alone is a very rare and unique Pokemon because of its evolutionary stable and Seven different evolutions is cool

Which Eeveelution do you prefer the most?
its a tough question. all eeveelution are goood!
let's see.. its a tie between Vaporeon, Jolteon and Umbreon for me
Umbreon bcuz it has a cool design and I love both the regular and shiny forms in appearance
Jolteon bcuz it's quite powerful and it has one the the best Sp. Attack & Speed ratio in the game. I like Jolteon better for his overall stats
Vaporeon. Always gotta have one. It's beautiful and cute, and is very good at giving and taking damage... awesome HP and Special Defense, and it learns Acid Armor to help its Defense, and doesn't have many weaknesses, and it's blue...