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    as much as i used to say the 3ds was going to be a gimmick and possible phail....i am really warming up to the little guy! atm i have zelda ocarina of time 3ds,which i actually never played the original...dont kill me....and i like it as ive always been a zelda fan(links awakening was the first game i actually completed as a child i just didnt want a n64 at the time cause i had a ps1). i also have heroes of ruin which is kinda average but more fun online,and i bought zelda links awakening dx and metroid II off of the ds store for nostalgia.

    ive already mentioned the 360 games ive played but for the record its two worlds 2 and now going back to minecraft with the goal of turning my random collection of buildings into a crazy stone villiage...already built a shrine and a welcome building (also built a boat which i didnt know i could do so im sailing around randomly considering to look for the boundaries of the gameworld)