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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    I'm unsure how to go about my next's a human fighting a Kangaskhan, hand to hand. To be honest, it sounds fun to write, but I'm not yet sure how I'll go about it without making him lose outright.
    Obviously a human wouldn't have many advantages against a Kangaskhan. They would be much stronger and resilient than any human could be. They're likely faster runners too. I can only think of two advantages that your character would have against a Kangaskhan, which would be agility and intelligence. They'd be fast runners, but I can't imagine one of them weaving out of the way of punches and actually dodging anything you throw at them, while your character can. Nor do they seem particularly intelligent, so trying to trick it might be a good tactic.

    Or you can just stab it with a knife. You've got one for a reason, after all.
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