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    After a couple more people had arrived, the professor began her mission briefing. It was certainly an interesting situation. Pokemon were showing up where they weren't normally found, and he had to help collect data on them. Not only that, but the Gym Leaders were acting much differently. He needed to figure out what was causing this. Midway through, the last trainer arrived. It was one of Isabelle's classmates, too. The least she could do is arrive promptly on time.

    Once Eli got both the Pokedex and the ferry ticket, he proceeded to the volcano. It was an area of the island he didn't usually go to, so it was a bit strange exploring the area. He began wandering the jungle, thinking he would have a better chance finding Pokemon there as opposed to on the upper part of the volcano. However, he looked all around, but didn't run across any Pokemon. Perhaps he just had bad luck. Finding a large rock nearby, he sat down on it. Dot was still on his shoulder, but had fallen asleep.

    Deciding not to disturb her, he decided to check out the Pokedex. It was certainly an interesting invention. It was like a pocket computer with a shared network between the other Pokedexes. Or was it Pokedexi? He made a note to learn the plural form of Pokedex in the future. While the messaging feature was convenient, it didn't look like he could email his family from it. He would just have to use a regular computer for that.

    As he was examining the Pokedex, he heard a rustling from the bushes behind him. He gently nudged the Azurill to wake her up. It was likely a Pokemon, so they needed to be ready for a battle. Dot hopped off of Eli's shoulder and onto the ground, looking energetic as ever. Shortly afterward, a Pokemon emerged from the bushes.