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    Nika Valentine

    Although Nika was perfectly used to being on her own, suddenly finding herself without the company of either Mark or Lucia left her feeling isolated. She had never had people be so openly friendly towards her, back home she had been singled out and ridiculed... but then again, she was much more controlled now. She did her best not to let her strange nature show, so it stood to reason that she suffered from less exclusion. Despite finding it easier to blend in she was going to have to make efforts not to become too reliant on the company of others.

    For that very reason she decided not to follow Mark and investigate the strange roar, but carry on with her plan to head into Oak Town. There was no point in doing anything else before that anyway. Leaving the pokemon center she turned down the hallway a different way than Mark had and left the Academy building, starting on the path to Oak Town. As she walked she took her new Pineco's Heavy Ball out from her satchel and considered it.

    She hadn't wanted to store the newly hatched pokemon in a Heavy Ball, it seemed... wrong somehow. But with no other pokeballs available choice hadn't been available, and keeping Pineco with her as she went to class... well, she knew now it was an option, but hadn't at the time. There were so many questions surrounding this pokemon, who had sent her the egg? Why? The letter had revealed next to nothing, and didn't match the handwriting of either her father or her mother. Who else could be following her progress enough to grant her an egg?

    There wasn't enough information to answer these questions, the only thing that pertained was her responsibility as a trainer. She had this pokemon now, fortunately a bug type, and she was going to train it to the best of her ability.

    Straying deliberately from the path she began to cut to Oak Town across the fields, keeping her eyes peeled for any wild pokemon. It wasn't long before she disturbed a roving Patrat, the little rodent glaring at her fiercly. With a faint smile she released Pineco from the Heavy Ball, the angular pokemon bouncing excitedly on the spot.

    "Eco pin pin pine eco eco eco eco!"
    "Calm down," she said firmly. "Turn your attention to our enemy."

    Pineco sort of... swivelled on the spot to face the Patrat, which seemed to be growing more furious by the minute. It had been disturbed in the grass. Disturbed! It would destroy all trespassers with the full fury of a level one pokemon!

    "Pineco, you should know Tackle, I hope. Tackle the Patrat."

    Pineco launched itself screaming at the Patrat, which charged with a Tackle of its own. Four minutes of back and forth Tackles later, Patrat lay defeated on the ground. She was going to have to figure out what other moves Pineco knew if he was going to be useful for... anything.

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