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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
All right, I really want to get back into clubbing again, so here I am~!

Name: Cirno
Partner Pokemon: Snivy (oh my godd how I wish I could choose Chikorita too) and Whimsicott
Password: Go, Snivy, use Leaf Storm!
Topic Answer: I didn't start loving Snivy until a little while after B/W's release. Its line was all right to me at first, but eventually later down the line, something just "clicked" with me and Snivy. <3 Plus it can get pretty strong with Swords Dance + Leaf Blade, which is one of my favorite comboes.

Whimsicott is reallyyyy cute (like Snivy) and fluffy, plus really fun to play with! I love the moves it learns and can't seem to keep it off my team no matter what now. :DD

But yeah, I also adore Chikorita because it is really cute (yep, I love cute). It's rather weak and doesn't learn many good moves, but does make a decent wall in the game when evolved.
YAY CIRNY! Welcome aboard to the leafy forest <3. I did knew that you'd be choosing Whimsicott for some reason, because it's been your favorite! :3 I have a Cottonee in my game but I have yet to evolve it, I need a Sun Stone for that. D:

Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
Name: Seraphimon-sama
Partner Pokemon: Snivy and Celebi
Password: Leaf Storm
Topic Answer: I picked Snivy because it is so cute, and I picked Celebi for the same reason and because it shares a type with my favourite type (Psychic).
I actually adore Celebi! One of my favorite grass-type legendaries alongside Virizion. Also, expand a bit on why Snivy is cute. I know it's cute but...any reason why? xD

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
welcome new members!!!

Lilligant can focus on Quiver Dancing, etc. And its artwork are my favorites from all the grass pokemon and it is stunningly beautiful!~ <3
the sprites are also cute <3
Ahh, okay! I actually like the Shiny sprite a lot more than the regular. It's going to take some time to find/RNG a shiny Petilil to evolve it to shiny Lilligant. I do agree, it is "stunningly beautifuuuul :D"

Kay, now I'm starting a new topic! MidnightShine brought this topic before so now I'm finally approving it as first official group topic: Grass-Types, how often do you use them in the games?

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