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Hosted by Zeffy and Destiny Demon
Map-Off ✖Treme
Want to enter the PCX's Map-Off?

Well thanks for the interest! The biannual map-off, which is hosted around summer and winter (in this case, summer although it's specially in the fall this time) is where mappers all come together in the ultimate contest: to make an e✖traordinary game map which will be judged by Zeffy and myself. Anyone can join! Game developers, ROM hackers, or maybe you just like mapping in your free time. Any program can be used for this event, whether it be RMXP, Advance Map, Paint, etc. Be creative! That's all we ask.

Remember that you are allowed to submit your map from September 24th (the day PCX officially starts) until September 30th, 11:59 PM EST. With only me and Zeffy to judge the maps, the judging process should take fairly quickly, so don't worry, we will get the results up shortly. After that, emblems will be handed out, yah yah yah, and BAM, we'll see you at the Holiday Map-Off. (:

Must Read: Rules
These are very simple rules that must be followed!

→ In-game maps only, meaning no world maps or anything of the sort.
→ The map you submit has to be created by yourself.
→ No special effects may be added to your map (this doesn't include static overworlds).
→ Custom tiles are obviously permitted! Just be sure to give credits (and have permission).
→ No stealing, please! You'll be disqualified if you rip someone else's map.
→ You must use the submission format listed below to post your entry.

Judging System
Well, it would be pretty foolish not to tell you guys how we're judging your maps. I mean, you want it to be e✖traordinary, correct?

• Layout/Design (possibility of 10 points)
• Playability (possibility of 10 points)
• Mapping Errors (possibility of 10 points)
• Correspondence with theme (possibility of 5 bonus points)

PLEASE READ! Okay, as it is the PCX, there is an optional theme you may choose to add when creating your map. If so desired, with the creativity of your minds, you can create a map that in ANY way corresponds with the theme: What does PCX mean to you? This could mean X, the number 10, PokeCommunity, etc. Make your map creative! As it is optional, you may get a possible extra five points added to your map score!

Well I get something, right?
Well yeah, it wouldn't be the map-off without it! There will be four emblems given out. Everyone who joins will get the Participant emblem, and the three winners will receive an additional emblem! Want to look at the emblems? Well we'll show you guys later, no worries. ^^

Okay, I'm ready to post my map!
Yes! Thanks for contributing to this event! Here, submit your post in this format and you're good to go:
Map Title: (Here you put the name of your map.)
Does it correspond with the optional theme? (Yes/No)
Description: (Here you describe what your map is about--and how it corresponds to the theme, if it applies to you.)
Credits: (List the names of people you owe credit to.)
Mapshot: (Has to be in spoilers no matter how small or large.)
Map Showcase (entries)
RedFan's Winter wonders
P-Sign's Cycling Road
tajaros's Searing Path
sab's Route 10
EonNeo's Forêt Clairsemée
vaporeon7's Oceanside Manor
ΣŁ1ŦΣ CHΛRIΖΛЯĐ's untitled map