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Charlie Fitzpatrick
Counselor's Office

Charlie was playing Tetris while sitting in his chair. The game, by that moment, had had its difficulty increased, and it was harder for the counselor to prevent the blocks from reaching the top and losing the game. And only a couple of blocks would get that done.

"Come on...Turn that way..." he muttered.

Then all of a sudden, an effingly loud roar was heard, and it was very likely that he was not hearing things. The roar startled him so much, that he almost fell down from his comfortable chair. Yeah, it was that loud.

"Holy cr-" he exclaimed, then took a deep breath. As he relaxed again, he could see that a block from his Tetris game was being stacked and reached the top, making a "GAME OVER" text appear. Charlie sighed and shook his head, then entered his name for the highscore and closed everything.

He had the urge to check whatever was going on there. He grabbed his coat, turned off the lights and left his office, locking the door behind him. Now where could this roar have come from?
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