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— How This Works

The goal of this competition is to earn as many points as possible before the PCX ends. How does one get points you ask? 10 points are awarded for each battle that is won, and said points will be recorded in this thread. You will gain 1 extra bonus point for each battle you win in the Ubers, UU, RU, or NU tiers. Losing will not affect your score. So, the more battles you win, the more points you will receive. That's the difference between the competitive and casual tournaments. Here you need to win the most battles; there you need to complete the most battles. Capisce?

Another thing needs to be said: this tournament will be held on the PC Battle Server (click me). If you want to battle with your Pokémon games, check out the casual version of this tournament.

— Signing Up

Just post in this thread saying so with your username(s) for the PC Battle Server. The post you used for signing up must be used for recording your battle results. Update that post for whenever you complete a battle so that we can easily access the battles you've done. Also, please use the format in the spoiler below when listing your battles. If you fail to do any of this, we will not count your battles.

1. Won/Lost vs ::

For example...

1. Lost vs Forever :: NU
2. Won vs Lalapizzame :: OU (or standard)
3. Lost vs Mobile Tsk :: Ubers
...and so on.

The battles should be listed in order of oldest to newest. While the battles you've lost in don't count towards your score, we still recommend including them to avoid any complications.

— Finding Battles

Hop on the PC Battle Server and ask for a PCX tournament battle. You can also challenge someone or use the "Look for a battle" button. Just bear in mind that we will only count battles you have done with people who have signed up for this tournament.

— Other Rules

T&E's General Battle Rules must be followed.

• Please avoid rejecting challenges. It's alright if you're busy making a team, but if we find that you are purposely avoiding challenges from certain people (that are being civil), we will be entitled to reduce your point score or even disqualify you.

• Participants may change their teams any time during this tournament.

— Participants

▪ Points | Forum Username / Battle Server Username(s)

▪   0   | Lapras* / angry lapras, lapras
▪ 44   | vaporeon7 / vaporeon7, Torkoaling, Gliscorsola
▪ 106 | dragonomega / I wanna go, Criminal
▪ 197 | Miss Doronjo / Nabooru, Arietta, the Wild
▪ 55   | shnen2 / shnen
▪ 154 | Forever / skylight (I can participate but not allowed to win)
▪ 21   | PlatinumDude / PlatinumDude
▪ 171 | RandomTrainerWhoCould / woohooFTW
▪ 253 | [La-ti]Hax / BLOOOD-La-ti-
▪ 31   | Zeffy / Zeffs
▪ 363 | P-sign / P-sign
▪ 82   | Pixelrush / Pixelrush
▪ 42   | Krazzikk / Krazzikk
▪ 52   | Wolflare / wolf, blubberchomp, testingchomp (can participate but not allowed to win)
▪ 10   | Spherical Ice / Spherical Ice
▪ 22   | SoaringSomeone / SoaringSomeone
▪ 10   | chaoticlapras / chaoticlapras
▪ 48   | littlebrother / battlebro
▪ 10   | Zupplu / Zupplu
▪ 10   | darkserperior / darkserperior
Want extra points, other than just battling like you are now?

There's now a mini tourney... within the tourney. XD; From anytime until the GT ends you can battle these people who you've been matched up with and get 15 points for a win. This is completely optional, but if you want the extra points, then hopefully that's enough incentive to actually battle. Also, this is best out of three - whoever wins the most matches against their opponent out of three gets the extra points. It's up to you guys to decide as to when the battles are occurring/if they occur at all but remember to post the results here - include it in your normal results post, but mention it's a mini-tourney battle.

vapor vs soaringsomeone
wolf vs p-sign
latihax vs platdude
krazz vs chaoticlapras
shnen vs pixelrush
doronjo vs dragonomega
spherical vs lapras
woohoo vs zeffs
zupplu vs littlebrother
If others sign up then I'll face them etc. n_n
— Prizes

The participant who has the most points by the end of PCX will be promoted to the "voice" user group on the PC Battle Server.

You can receive the following emblems if you meet their requirements:

Requirements: Battle at least 5 times.

Requirements: Be one of the three users who have the most points at the end of the tournament.

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