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On the Current Topic: Ho-Oh has a much bigger Move Pool then Reshiram will ever have. Ho-Oh's Move-Pools even have Sky Attack, Solarbeam, Sacred Fire and more. Reshiram may have Blue Flare and Draco Meteor, but what if it is in a battle against Ho-Oh, FORGET ABOUT IT. Ho-Oh has extremely High Special Defense which makes it formidable to Special moves, and it being a Physical Sweeper makes Reshiram more vulnerable to Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh even has Earthquake in it's Move-Pool which is great against Reshiram. So not only Ho-Oh beats it in goodness, but it ALSO can beat Reshiram quite easy in battles, if a battle was made. But yeah, I would prefer a Rainbow Phoenix, not a White Dragon.

By the way, the limit of Fire-Type Pokemon in total you can have at one time is 6.